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What Do You Believe?

Posted by Susan On March 23, 2018 ADD COMMENTS

“Ours is a great age of faith, but not in Christ… Our problem is not a lack of faith, but too much false faith.”   -R.J. Rushdoony Recently, a lot of my friends have battled cancer. One of them was in Stage 4 and eternity seemed imminent for her. Though she’d grown up in a Christian  [ Read More ]

The Honor of Being a Woman

Posted by Susan On March 14, 2018 ADD COMMENTS

I had not intended to take my grandson with me into Costco, so Ethan was still in the police costume he’d been playing in. At three, Ethan is small for his age, and it didn’t occur to me how funny such a tiny person looked striding into Costco wearing a police hat that was too big,  [ Read More ]