When the One Who Leads Is Just Not Getting It…

Posted by Susan On January 30, 2013 1 COMMENT

My cousin and I walked past a floral shop way back when we were in college together. Simultaneously, we were both drawn to the very same arrangement among several that were displayed in the window. Surprised, I couldn’t understand why she would possibly be so drawn to an arrangement that so beautifully featured white Shasta Daisies– which I loved– when she didn’t like them. At the same time, she was baffled over why I would be so drawn to yellow roses– her favorite flower– which I didn’t care for. Both of us were so focused on what was so appealing to ourselves that we were totally blind to anything else that was there.

I think of that moment often these days. If facebook is any indication (which I think it is), there are some very strongly opposing views in matters that form the way we ought to live. There are very strong positions regarding life, morality, abortion, the economy, gun control, tyranny, freedom and where our country is heading– and at the same time, there are many, many who are baffled and frustrated over why others just can’t see the obvious as we are seeing it– why they’re “just not getting it!”

I know because I’m one of them. The convictions I believe in are so clear to me that they’re all I see– and it’s just about impossible for me to understand what’s going on in somebody else’s mind when they “just aren’t getting it.”

What I do know is this: God’s Laws are fixed. His own Word is the final authority on every issue of life whether or not one “sees” that truth– and I admit, it’s so frustrating that as a nation, individuals can be so blind to it. Somehow, as individuals and as a nation, it seems that America has outgrown the need for God. From the current president himself on down, we’ve become a nation of individuals who are blinded by our super-inflated perception of the greatness of “man” and our success in having powerfully outgrown our need for God. As a nation, we’re blind and deceived.

Yet urging others to “see the light” by posting articles or statements on facebook doesn’t seem to be making any difference…from all observations, it only forces others to dig in their heels, completely unable to “see” anything outside of their own strong opinions. So last week, in this state of frustration, I found myself blurting out a prayer for the president, “Lord, open his eyes!” And then, as though I’d been hit with a sudden revelation, I prayed, “Lord, open the eyes of those who cannot see the evil,” and then (further revelation), “Lord, open my eyes” where I am not seeing correctly.

Without the Holy Spirit first opening the eyes of the blind, nothing will change. No arguments or debates or discussions or appeals– though they are all important– will bring the change we so long for, the return to the authority and rule of the King of kings and Lord of lords, unless God Himself opens the eyes of those that are blind. Just ask the apostle Paul the next time you see him– Paul (Saul) had seriously believed that persecuting Christians was the right thing to do, before his blinded eyes were opened!

This isn’t the first time in history that prayer was made to “open the eyes” of those who were leading a nation into spiritual darkness and slavery. A few days ago, I happened to walk into the same room where my daughter Sarah was instructing (via homeschooling) her 8 year old son Jakob in history just as I heard her say, “…and as he was being martyred, William Tyndale’s last words were, ‘Lord, open the king of England’s eyes!’”

That’s it! Just as Tyndale prayed in a day of spiritual darkness and moral collapse, that’s the same prayer we ought to be urgently crying out to God for in these dark days! Tyndale never lived to see God’s Hand open the blindness of the king of England… but an amazing transformation happened where, after burning Tyndale at the stake for propogating the spread of the Bible, the king himself actually authorized publishing it! Amazing things can happen when God moves on the hearts of man to pray for the Holy Spirit to open blind eyes!

So for now, I’ll continue to hear and read (and write) articles and statements that attempt to persuade wrong-thinkers. I appreciate and respect a proper, civil debate over issues that are facing us as a nation today. But these days, I’m trying first to start with prayer that God would open the eyes of the blind and mercifully reveal Himself to a nation that’s just not getting it.


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  1. Flyaway says:

    I agree with you completely. Our church has a prayer group who meets each week to pray for our country, our church, and our families. We are praying for revival. If small groups all over the U.S. continue to pray for revival, and that God will change the hearts and minds of our leaders, and if we continue to study the Word, and spread the gospel, I think that is what God wants us to do. He will answer in His time. I’m studying II Chronicles with Precepts Bible study. My favorite verse today was II Chronicles 17:9, ” They taught in Judah, having the book of the law of the Lord with them; and they went throughout all the cities of Judah and taught among the people.” I think the people of this country are parched and thirsty for the Word of God but they don’t know it.

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