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Life’s Stories

Posted by Susan On March 25, 2011 3 COMMENTS

No matter what you’ve heard in the past, there really are some things that we can guarantee in life beyond merely “death and taxes.”   When my grandson Jakob is at my house when I’m doing laundry, I can guarantee he’ll remind me, “Did you clean the lint drawer, Nama?”   If it’s grandkids’ movie  [ Read More ]

Life’s Lessons in the Sovereignty of God

Posted by Susan On March 14, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

“Flexible” is not one of the virtuous characteristics that I can claim ownership of, unfortunately. This week, I realized again just how much I lack this trait when I woke to heavy snow on a day when I had several pressing errands in town that had to be done that morning. The plow was late,  [ Read More ]

Real Happiness

Posted by Susan On March 5, 2011 1 COMMENT

A computer graphics designer that my son works with brought a very pretty flowergirl dress to the office last week. Her daughter had outgrown it, and she suggested that Joel could give it to Raeme, my almost-five year old granddaughter who loves frilly, beautiful dresses. When Raeme opened the bag that her Daddy handed to  [ Read More ]