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Thanks for finding your way to Autumn Song, a place where Christian women are encouraged to impact their worlds with true “Theo-centric” (God-centered) faith!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Susan Eby, and just as the name of this blog suggests, I am a woman who is currently in the wonderful Autumn season of my life, working hard as I savor a sweet time of harvest and ripe fruit. God has been so good!

In trying to capture the essence of my heart’s passion to communicate on this page, a hundred songs have rushed through my mind, and so many of them would have done well in expressing what I passionately believe. “Amazing Love,” “In Christ Alone [My Hope is Found],” “To God Alone Be the Glory,” “Amazing Grace…” Yet repeatedly, my mind keeps coming back to a simple yet succinct old hymn sung so many years ago, when I was just a skinny little girl lined up along a pew in church with my parents and five siblings:

“My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ Name!
On Christ, the Solid Rock, I stand.
All other ground is sinking sand…”

Nothing – not one thing – in my life would have had such meaning, nor rendered such gratitude, except by the undeserved grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, our Solid Rock – the sure foundation upon which we have fallen when inevitable adversities came our way, yet the purest joy through Whom we have received the richest blessings. And He has blessed us, far beyond what we deserved!

For the past 38 years, I’ve had the great joy of being married to my best friend and companion Dan, who, because of his passion for the Lord Jesus Christ, has filled my life with adventure, vision, and pursuits I would never have dreamed of nor imagined. In these 36 years, I’ve been his “right hand woman” while my husband actively served as a businessman, a pastor, the administrator of a Christian school, president of Patria Institute, and an active participant in the formation of a Christian political party.

After 38 years of faithful commitment to building our marriage, Dan and I have not merely “survived intact.” Just imagine investing in anything with such diligence for that many years… the resulting product has become far too valuable to be careless with, for which I am unbelievably grateful.

Dan and I are also incredibly grateful to God for our three grown children (Joel, Justin, Sarah), our daughters-and-son-in-law (Rachel, Annie, Jason), and our nine precious grandchildren (Jakob, Raeme, Ethan, Sadie, Charlotte, Finn, Eliza, Brooks, and Colette) who give us inexpressible joy as we watch their parents faithfully raise them to the glory of God.

Currently, Dan and I own and operate Destination Leavenworth, a vacation properties rental business in the beautiful Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington, located in the stunning, rugged Cascade Mountains.

My great, great hope is that you will find encouragement, strength and help in the posts of this blog. Mark Rushdoony (editor of “Faith for All of Life”) once wrote, “Faith, when it is real, touches every area of life, with no exceptions!” As women of God who live with eternal purpose, may we truly be driven into the very center of an all-consuming theo-centric faith that will glorify Jesus Christ and touch every detail of our lives – with no exceptions!

Eby Family in the Fall of 2010

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