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There are No Steps to a Successful Marriage

Posted by Susan On March 23, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

Recently, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of women on the topic of investing in a “Godly Marriage.” Perhaps you’re wondering why. No, of course you aren’t “wondering why!” It seems so obvious. Marriage as we have known it is under intense attack these days, so you’re probably assuming that when  [ Read More ]

No Women’s Day for Me, Thanks

Posted by Susan On March 16, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

According to a considerable number of Facebook notices today, it’s apparent that today is “Women’s Day.” I am a woman, so obviously, this caught my attention. Friends have urged that in honor of this recognition, today women ought to stay home from work, wear red, contribute to Planned Parenthood, and refrain from shopping as a  [ Read More ]