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Lessons of Thanksgiving from Narnia…

Posted by Susan On November 27, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Less than a week ago, we celebrated a day of Thanksgiving. Like families everywhere, we gathered around our big dining room table and feasted on roast turkey and pumpkin pie as we consciously thanked God for the amazing blessings He has given. At one point, I remember wondering, “Am I dreaming this? Is it only  [ Read More ]

The ‘Mourning’ After

Posted by Susan On November 7, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

It’s the “Morning After” and Facebook is ablaze with the “Mourning After” comments of disillusionment, discouragement, and defeat. It’s the comments themselves– not the outcome of the election last night– that have me so surprised! They so strongly suggest that in their intense fear over Obama, Americans, and in particular, Christian Americans, had their trust  [ Read More ]