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The Best Wine…Now

Posted by Susan On January 24, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

The time I found my five-year-old son Justin in the bathroom smearing his dad’s Mennen Speed Stick all over his arms, legs, chest and stomach, I knew I had achieved the status of true motherhood. “What in the world are you doing!!??” I demanded, stunned. With bright eyes huge with enthusiasm over the obvious, he  [ Read More ]

A Trip to Three Continents…

Posted by Susan On January 12, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

This morning my daughter called, wondering how to sum up in a one-sentence response (suitable for a seven year old to understand) what God’s purpose was for creating the world, for their study of Geography. It didn’t take long for us to think about how, simply, if we understand that History is “Jesus Christ– His  [ Read More ]