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The Journey is Amazing…

Posted by Susan On July 27, 2011 1 COMMENT

I’ve only been to Europe once, with my husband Dan and his family in the late ‘80’s. Our time in Switzerland was certainly a memorable experience, until the end, when Dan left a few days before I did and enthusiastically headed off through France, Spain, and into Portugal for several weeks on a missions trip.  [ Read More ]

A Tribute to Peg Hardesty

Posted by Susan On July 15, 2011 1 COMMENT

When a single pebble is thrown into a quiet lake, a delicate ripple affect results– widening further and further into ever-growing circles that ultimately reach far, far beyond the realm of the little stone itself. In life, we rarely recognize how– in exactly the same way– a seemingly insignificant act of obedience to God could  [ Read More ]

Yesterday, it wasn’t much of a consolation for me to know that everybody, at some point, has to deal with frustrating, difficult people. But in life, everybody does. Years ago, when Dan was a pastor, I facetiously joked that pastoring would be really great, if it wasn’t for people. Everybody deals with irrate individuals and  [ Read More ]

The Best 4th of July Ever!

Posted by Susan On July 8, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

They’re telling me I say this every year, after every celebration. (“They” being my kids.) But it’s true: this past weekend was “the best” 4th of July ever! It’s true because although we had some really amazing times when our children were young– picnics, parades, fireworks over Plymouth Harbor, BBQ’s, fireworks over Cayuga Lake while  [ Read More ]