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My Dad, Alex

Posted by Susan On June 20, 2011 3 COMMENTS

This past weekend marked five years since my Dad went to heaven on Father’s Day weekend 2006. It’s so true that you just never stop missing somebody who’s gone, and so much more within the context of celebrating such a day. Apart from my husband, there have been very few others who have had such  [ Read More ]

Sweet Baby, So Beautifully Designed by God

Posted by Susan On June 16, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

When the phone rang late afternoon a few weeks ago, I snatched up the receiver quickly, having anticipated this call all day. As my son Justin’s voice greeted me, my heart started to beat faster–literally. Expecting their first child ( our seventh grandchild) Justin and Annie were just returning from their first ultrasound, and all  [ Read More ]

A sketch on a teeshirt I saw depicts an editor of the Victorian era sitting behind his desk, holding a manuscript and scoffing as he chides the man standing in front of him.   “Well, which was it, Mr. Dickens? Was it the best of times? Or was it the worst of times? It can  [ Read More ]

A frilly blue and white “Alice in Wonderland” dress found on a great sale months ago inspired my daughter-in-law Rachel’s clever plan for a very fun and special birthday party theme for our granddaughter this past weekend. It was absolutely perfect for five-year-old Raeme, the classic little lady whose eyes sparkle at the sight of  [ Read More ]