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Whistle While We Work–Or Worry While We Wait?

Posted by Susan On February 22, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

My 92 year old father-in-law once told me of a dream he had, where he was standing and waiting his turn in a long line. The long wait irritated him, and therefore feeling annoyed, he gave the woman in front of him a big shove. Obviously, this means little to you the reader, but for  [ Read More ]

The Woman of Distinction

Posted by Susan On February 17, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

I had not intended to take my grandson with me into Costco last week when I drove my daughter to town for her Obstetrics appointment. In her 7th month of pregnancy, Sarah was fighting a miserable cold, and intended to wait in the van with her two little boys while I ran some errands after  [ Read More ]

Slaying the Dragon

Posted by Susan On February 9, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Every winter for the last several years, our neighbors have hosted an outdoor get together at the end of January. They build a bonfire, and serve hot chili and coffee while several of the guys build a huge snow sculpture. This year, they constructed an amazing, 100 foot long dragon. The bonfire was located right  [ Read More ]

Raising Royalty

Posted by Susan On February 3, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Always, when she writes or emails me, my sister signs her name “HRH”– the short form for “Her Royal Highness.” Always. It’s a regular joke, of course, but I think she’s quite serious in the constant reminder to herself and to me of who we are and what our ultimate purpose is. As Christians, by  [ Read More ]