A Gentle Giant of a Man

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One week ago, a very dear friend suffered a massive stroke. As I write this, our long time friend Jim Rose remains unresponsive, in a weakening condition. Clearly, hearts ache when a friend suffers. At the same time, the value of that friend’s life rushes to the forefront of the mind like a flood, even  [ Read More ]

Encountering Turbulence

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To travel is to encounter turbulence at some point. It just is. Usually, the movement isn’t enough to fret over, but when I think of “turbulence,” I immediately think of two particular times of travel when the plane hit massive bumps and knocks. Once– flying into Boise, Idaho– I literally thought the plane was going  [ Read More ]

In a world of ever-growing technology that is constantly opening doors of communication in new and innovative ways, I still prefer reading books. I will always prefer reading books. There’s just no other satisfaction that compares to holding an actual hardcopy and savoring meaningful words in a way that challenges my mind and ideas. And  [ Read More ]

What Do You Believe?

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“Ours is a great age of faith, but not in Christ… Our problem is not a lack of faith, but too much false faith.”   -R.J. Rushdoony Recently, a lot of my friends have battled cancer. One of them was in Stage 4 and eternity seemed imminent for her. Though she’d grown up in a Christian  [ Read More ]

The Honor of Being a Woman

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I had not intended to take my grandson with me into Costco, so Ethan was still in the police costume he’d been playing in. At three, Ethan is small for his age, and it didn’t occur to me how funny such a tiny person looked striding into Costco wearing a police hat that was too big,  [ Read More ]

Where to Find the “Virtuous” Woman

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A couple of years ago, my younger sister Dale gave me a necklace, and I love it. I’m wearing it right now as I write this. I wear it a lot, actually. It wasn’t expensive– I think her church was giving these out to mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day one year. It’s very simple,  [ Read More ]

Book Review: “Coffee, the World and Jesus…”

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Sometimes there are stories attached to the way we end up finding really great books– and this is definitely one of those stories. Of course, I could say that it was ultimately God’s divine providence, which I’m sure it was… but the circumstances sure seemed random enough at the time. It all started a couple  [ Read More ]

The View from Way Up High

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Truthfully, I’m really not that crazy about flying. TSA agents aside, the idea of being up that high surrounded with nothing but air, combined with the claustrophobic annoyance of being closed tight inside a capsule-like vehicle for long hours at a time is barely tolerable. I do it because I have to. Nevertheless, it’s good  [ Read More ]

Moving Forward by Traveling Back

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Airplanes are essentially “time travel machines.” At least, that’s what I tell my grandkids. By them, we can travel forward or backward in time, arriving suddenly into breathtaking cultures and places that are very, very different from what we know. With my head still dizzy from jet lag, I try to adjust my mind and  [ Read More ]

Dreaming in Italian

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For years, I’ve had a strange recurring dream. In it, my husband and I are traveling– sometimes by plane, sometimes by train–but always with our grown kids. Simple… and yet it always produces a sense of tremendous contentment. It was odd that it would recur with such frequency. The dream came to me so many  [ Read More ]