“Woses are Wred, Vioyets are Byue…”

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Ahhhh…. it was a slow, quiet Saturday morning as Dan and I anticipated a brisk autumn day to get some yardwork done. While pulling on my jeans and flannel jacket, a withered, dehydrated wildflower flopped out of the button-hole– and suddenly my heart leaped at the thought of Finn, my 3 year old grandson, lisping,  [ Read More ]

If You Have Eyes, Then See

Posted by Susan On June 11, 2014 1 COMMENT

This past winter, I had a bout with cancer. I came out of it well– but during that brief time between the diagnosis and the actual surgery, I fell into deep introspection. For various reasons, I’d suspected that the cancer had spread, and therefore I considered the very real possibility that I might not survive  [ Read More ]

The Christian– and Bowe

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The long-awaited release of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl from his five year captivity at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan last week has produced a firestorm of reaction. In short, Barak Obama authorized Bowe’s release through a controversial exchange of five GITMO prisoners in order to achieve political gain. In a knee-jerk reaction, right-wing  [ Read More ]

When Cancer Knocks On Your Door…

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It’s a cold, snowy, “very normal” late February day here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet if truth be told, this past month has been as far from ‘normal’ as anything I’ve ever experienced– and today, the treasure of this very normal, cold, snowy February morning is…well… it truly is a “treasure.” This past month has  [ Read More ]

Review- In Search of Deep Faith

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Never judge a book by its cover. I know, I know, I know…and yet that’s exactly what I did last week as soon as I saw the title, In Search of Deep Faith by Jim Belcher. One of our Bible School instructors from many years ago had given a general recommendation of it on Facebook  [ Read More ]

A Life Without Pain??? Yes, Please!

Posted by Susan On July 1, 2013 1 COMMENT

It’s strange that a chiropractor’s appointment could so strongly affect my understanding of prayer. But it did, and now I’m very excited–and a bit nervous– about grasping such a better perspective when I pray! For several years now, I’ve been struggling with terrible pain in my hands, and yet I couldn’t seem to find what  [ Read More ]

Civita di Bagnoregio

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Just as I had imagined, Civita di Bagnoregio– one of Italy’s amazing medieval hilltop cities– was everything I had read about and anticipated as Dan and I researched and planned every detail we could think of in preparation for our recent trip to Europe with good friends. But as it turned out– far beyond anything  [ Read More ]

Overcoming ‘Evil’ With ‘Good’

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Last month, three of our grandsons stayed with us while Mom was recovering from a C-section after the birth of their adorable baby sister. As the boys looked through my book shelves, they discovered “Robinson Crusoe” and enthusiastically asked if I’d read it to them. So each night before bed, it became our pattern to  [ Read More ]

God’s Hand on Our Aging Parents

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We were just wrapping up the Bible Study at our house when Dan’s phone rang. It was one of his sisters, and he intended to tell her he’d call her right back when our guests had left– but as he stepped out of the room, he was taking much longer than I’d expected he would.  [ Read More ]

This past week, I slid far outside of my comfort zone and read “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert”– the story of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, a woman who was transformed from the life of a lesbian university professor actively promoting the homosexual agenda, to a life totally committed to Christ by way of what  [ Read More ]