As the Ruin Falls

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Back in a faraway era of hectograph printing and flannel-graph boards, I sat spellbound amidst my Sunday School assembly watching a children’s evangelist scribble the word “SIN” on a chalkboard. Mesmorized, I watched as he artisticly turned the “S” into a pipe with smoke rising from it, the “I” into a martini glass, and the  [ Read More ]

Of Travel, Faith, and Lewis

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Airplanes are essentially “time travel machines.” At least, that’s what I often tell my grandkids. By them, we can travel forwards or backwards in time, arriving suddenly into breathtaking cultures and places that are very, very different from what we know. As I write this, my head is still dizzy with jet lag as I  [ Read More ]

A couple of years ago, my younger sister Dale gave me a necklace, and I love it. I’m wearing it right now as I write this. I wear it a lot, actually. It wasn’t expensive– I think her church was giving these out to mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day one year. It’s very simple,  [ Read More ]

A Tribute to My Sister Dale

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Deep pre-dawn darkness wraps tightly around my little house on this first early morning after returning from my cross-continent flight. Dan and I just returned from a sudden trip east to grieve with my extended family and hold them all very tight, all of us devastated by the loss of my beautiful sister Dale Nikkanen  [ Read More ]


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My grandson Jakob was just 3 years old when Barack Obama first campaigned for the presidency. On an otherwise quiet morning while I babysat him, Jakob was miserable, sitting in gloom at my kitchen table. In his crabbiness, he struggled hard to find the very worst possible thing that he could say to upset me.  [ Read More ]

“Woses are Wred, Vioyets are Byue…”

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Ahhhh…. it was a slow, quiet Saturday morning as Dan and I anticipated a brisk autumn day to get some yardwork done. While pulling on my jeans and flannel jacket, a withered, dehydrated wildflower flopped out of the button-hole– and suddenly my heart leaped at the thought of Finn, my 3 year old grandson, lisping,  [ Read More ]

If You Have Eyes, Then See

Posted by Susan On June 11, 2014 1 COMMENT

This past winter, I had a bout with cancer. I came out of it well– but during that brief time between the diagnosis and the actual surgery, I fell into deep introspection. For various reasons, I’d suspected that the cancer had spread, and therefore I considered the very real possibility that I might not survive  [ Read More ]

The Christian– and Bowe

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The long-awaited release of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl from his five year captivity at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan last week has produced a firestorm of reaction. In short, Barak Obama authorized Bowe’s release through a controversial exchange of five GITMO prisoners in order to achieve political gain. In a knee-jerk reaction, right-wing  [ Read More ]

When Cancer Knocks On Your Door…

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It’s a cold, snowy, “very normal” late February day here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet if truth be told, this past month has been as far from ‘normal’ as anything I’ve ever experienced– and today, the treasure of this very normal, cold, snowy February morning is…well… it truly is a “treasure.” This past month has  [ Read More ]

Review- In Search of Deep Faith

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Never judge a book by its cover. I know, I know, I know…and yet that’s exactly what I did last week as soon as I saw the title, In Search of Deep Faith by Jim Belcher. One of our Bible School instructors from many years ago had given a general recommendation of it on Facebook  [ Read More ]