Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel…even in 2020

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A hundred years from now, stories will still be told about 2020: “The Year the Whole World Stopped.” There’s never been anything like it in our history.  We’re nearing the end of 2020, but unfortunately, it isn’t necessarily a finish line. What began as the infamous “two weeks to flatten the curve” has now become  [ Read More ]

Should We Cancel Thanksgiving?

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As though 2020 hasn’t already been painful enough, here we sit positioned on the brink of Thanksgiving, wondering how dire the consequences would be if we “give thanks.”  My husband and I own a lodging business in Washington State, and our on-site manager fielded 30 calls yesterday for last minute Thanksgiving Day cancellations after the  [ Read More ]

Legislating Kindness

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Kindness comes in different sizes. I mean that sincerely. Right now, the world is loudly clamoring their demands for “kindness.”  But ironically, the definition of what this means is as wide and varied as trying to order “coffee” at Starbucks. One person’s need for kindness may be completely different from another’s. Trying to perceive the  [ Read More ]

Answers in Abnormal Times

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“Dear friends,” the email began, “thank all of you for the kind words, prayers, and patience as Peter and I decided how to move forward with our wedding. Due to our state’s stay-at-home extension, Peter and I have decided to cancel our wedding as previously planned…”  …and my heart simply broke for this young bride.   [ Read More ]

Gifts of Grace

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“You guys sure did a great job raising your kids,” an old friend commented when we were visiting the church our son and his family actively participate in. Without a doubt, I was filled with inexpressible gratitude to see the godly man our now middle-aged son had become; nonetheless, surprisingly, those words immediately ignited a  [ Read More ]

Why EVERYbody Ought to See the Sound of Music

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Last night was an absolutely flawless final summer performance of our town’s very popular production of The Sound of Music, and my husband agreed– reluctantly– to accompany me to it. My daughter, son-in-law, and I had managed (hooray!) to get front row center seats, but at the last minute my son-in-law wrenched his back and  [ Read More ]

A Gentle Giant of a Man

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One week ago, a very dear friend suffered a massive stroke. As I write this, our long time friend Jim Rose remains unresponsive, in a weakening condition. Clearly, hearts ache when a friend suffers. At the same time, the value of that friend’s life rushes to the forefront of the mind like a flood, even  [ Read More ]

Encountering Turbulence

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To travel is to encounter turbulence at some point. It just is. Usually, the movement isn’t enough to fret over, but when I think of “turbulence,” I immediately think of two particular times of travel when the plane hit massive bumps and knocks. Once– flying into Boise, Idaho– I literally thought the plane was going  [ Read More ]

In a world of ever-growing technology that is constantly opening doors of communication in new and innovative ways, I still prefer reading books. I will always prefer reading books. There’s just no other satisfaction that compares to holding an actual hardcopy and savoring meaningful words in a way that challenges my mind and ideas. And  [ Read More ]

What Do You Believe?

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“Ours is a great age of faith, but not in Christ… Our problem is not a lack of faith, but too much false faith.”   -R.J. Rushdoony Recently, a lot of my friends have battled cancer. One of them was in Stage 4 and eternity seemed imminent for her. Though she’d grown up in a Christian  [ Read More ]