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There are No Steps to a Successful Marriage

Posted by Susan On March 23, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

Recently, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of women on the topic of investing in a “Godly Marriage.” Perhaps you’re wondering why. No, of course you aren’t “wondering why!” It seems so obvious. Marriage as we have known it is under intense attack these days, so you’re probably assuming that when  [ Read More ]

A couple of years ago, my younger sister Dale gave me a necklace, and I love it. I’m wearing it right now as I write this. I wear it a lot, actually. It wasn’t expensive– I think her church was giving these out to mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day one year. It’s very simple,  [ Read More ]

A Tribute to My Sister Dale

Posted by Susan On January 27, 2016 ADD COMMENTS

Deep pre-dawn darkness wraps tightly around my little house on this first early morning after returning from my cross-continent flight. Dan and I just returned from a sudden trip east to grieve with my extended family and hold them all very tight, all of us devastated by the loss of my beautiful sister Dale Nikkanen  [ Read More ]


Posted by Susan On May 9, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

My grandson Jakob was just 3 years old when Barack Obama first campaigned for the presidency. On an otherwise quiet morning while I babysat him, Jakob was miserable, sitting in gloom at my kitchen table. In his crabbiness, he struggled hard to find the very worst possible thing that he could say to upset me.  [ Read More ]

“Woses are Wred, Vioyets are Byue…”

Posted by Susan On October 7, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Ahhhh…. it was a slow, quiet Saturday morning as Dan and I anticipated a brisk autumn day to get some yardwork done. While pulling on my jeans and flannel jacket, a withered, dehydrated wildflower flopped out of the button-hole– and suddenly my heart leaped at the thought of Finn, my 3 year old grandson, lisping,  [ Read More ]

When Cancer Knocks On Your Door…

Posted by Susan On February 25, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

It’s a cold, snowy, “very normal” late February day here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet if truth be told, this past month has been as far from ‘normal’ as anything I’ve ever experienced– and today, the treasure of this very normal, cold, snowy February morning is…well… it truly is a “treasure.” This past month has  [ Read More ]

Review- In Search of Deep Faith

Posted by Susan On January 14, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Never judge a book by its cover. I know, I know, I know…and yet that’s exactly what I did last week as soon as I saw the title, In Search of Deep Faith by Jim Belcher. One of our Bible School instructors from many years ago had given a general recommendation of it on Facebook  [ Read More ]

Civita di Bagnoregio

Posted by Susan On June 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Just as I had imagined, Civita di Bagnoregio– one of Italy’s amazing medieval hilltop cities– was everything I had read about and anticipated as Dan and I researched and planned every detail we could think of in preparation for our recent trip to Europe with good friends. But as it turned out– far beyond anything  [ Read More ]

God’s Hand on Our Aging Parents

Posted by Susan On April 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

We were just wrapping up the Bible Study at our house when Dan’s phone rang. It was one of his sisters, and he intended to tell her he’d call her right back when our guests had left– but as he stepped out of the room, he was taking much longer than I’d expected he would.  [ Read More ]

Yes, Jakob, God is Real

Posted by Susan On December 6, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Having spent more than 60 years living on this earth, with a large part of it in serious pursuit of knowing God, I still find it pretty amazing that after all this time, some of the most impacting revelations of God to me are derived from discussions with a seven year old. It happened again  [ Read More ]