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There are No Steps to a Successful Marriage

Posted by Susan On March 23, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

Recently, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of women on the topic of investing in a “Godly Marriage.” Perhaps you’re wondering why. No, of course you aren’t “wondering why!” It seems so obvious. Marriage as we have known it is under intense attack these days, so you’re probably assuming that when  [ Read More ]

Of Travel, Faith, and Lewis

Posted by Susan On July 30, 2016 ADD COMMENTS

Airplanes are essentially “time travel machines.” At least, that’s what I often tell my grandkids. By them, we can travel forwards or backwards in time, arriving suddenly into breathtaking cultures and places that are very, very different from what we know. As I write this, my head is still dizzy with jet lag as I  [ Read More ]

If You Have Eyes, Then See

Posted by Susan On June 11, 2014 1 COMMENT

This past winter, I had a bout with cancer. I came out of it well– but during that brief time between the diagnosis and the actual surgery, I fell into deep introspection. For various reasons, I’d suspected that the cancer had spread, and therefore I considered the very real possibility that I might not survive  [ Read More ]

The Christian– and Bowe

Posted by Susan On June 9, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

The long-awaited release of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl from his five year captivity at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan last week has produced a firestorm of reaction. In short, Barak Obama authorized Bowe’s release through a controversial exchange of five GITMO prisoners in order to achieve political gain. In a knee-jerk reaction, right-wing  [ Read More ]

Civita di Bagnoregio

Posted by Susan On June 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Just as I had imagined, Civita di Bagnoregio– one of Italy’s amazing medieval hilltop cities– was everything I had read about and anticipated as Dan and I researched and planned every detail we could think of in preparation for our recent trip to Europe with good friends. But as it turned out– far beyond anything  [ Read More ]

Last week my year-old grandson Finn finally got it figured out– he learned to walk. Understandably, there was a lot of excitement around here, although this certainly wasn’t our first grandchild accomplishment. Finn is the sixth of our grandchildren to accomplish this amazing feat (pun totally intended), but with all the cheering and clapping you  [ Read More ]

A Trip to Three Continents…

Posted by Susan On January 12, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

This morning my daughter called, wondering how to sum up in a one-sentence response (suitable for a seven year old to understand) what God’s purpose was for creating the world, for their study of Geography. It didn’t take long for us to think about how, simply, if we understand that History is “Jesus Christ– His  [ Read More ]

A Prayer for Our Nation– from Kipling

Posted by Susan On August 10, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The first time I heard Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF” was way back in the day when poetry was still part of the English Literature curriculum in the schools. Though young, I was impacted so strongly by it that I voluntarily memorized it, somehow sensing it would be significant. Years later, I made it part of  [ Read More ]

This week, in the process of training a new young lady as a receptionist at the office,  I learned that she’d been to Ukraine on a missions trip. So, of course, I told her that my parents were both born there, which sparked an inevitable “story” about my Ukrainian Dad, who has now been living  [ Read More ]

Welcome, Baby Finn!

Posted by Susan On April 27, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Without a doubt, life is definitely a continuous ebb and flow of perpetual highs and lows. Yet ultimately, among all of the impacting experiences that life brings to us, there are only two that trump them all– only two experiences that make time itself feel like it stands still, when we’re brought so close to  [ Read More ]