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Moving Forward by Traveling Back

Posted by Susan On July 24, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

Airplanes are essentially “time travel machines.” At least, that’s what I tell my grandkids. By them, we can travel forward or backward in time, arriving suddenly into breathtaking cultures and places that are very, very different from what we know. With my head still dizzy from jet lag, I try to adjust my mind and  [ Read More ]

Dreaming in Italian

Posted by Susan On July 15, 2017 ADD COMMENTS

For years, I’ve had a strange recurring dream. In it, my husband and I are traveling– sometimes by plane, sometimes by train–but always with our grown kids. Simple… and yet it always produces a sense of tremendous contentment. It was odd that it would recur with such frequency. The dream came to me so many  [ Read More ]

In this life– most of the time– acts of kindness go largely unnoticed. Yet still, they make such a big difference. Unquestionably, the whole world needs more of it these days, and lately there’s been a surge to stir the conscience toward intentional kindness. For some, kindness is such an easy thing to practice, but  [ Read More ]

The sudden plummet back into real life after a great trip abroad is a lot like plunging into ice water on a cold day… it takes a special kind of stamina. For years, I’ve consistently struggled to learn how to deal with the “shock,” and ease back into reality with grace and appreciation. Inevitably, my  [ Read More ]