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Overcoming ‘Evil’ With ‘Good’

Posted by Susan On April 28, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Last month, three of our grandsons stayed with us while Mom was recovering from a C-section after the birth of their adorable baby sister. As the boys looked through my book shelves, they discovered “Robinson Crusoe” and enthusiastically asked if I’d read it to them. So each night before bed, it became our pattern to  [ Read More ]

God’s Hand on Our Aging Parents

Posted by Susan On April 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

We were just wrapping up the Bible Study at our house when Dan’s phone rang. It was one of his sisters, and he intended to tell her he’d call her right back when our guests had left– but as he stepped out of the room, he was taking much longer than I’d expected he would.  [ Read More ]