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Learning from My “Friend” Joni

Posted by Susan On May 24, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

In truth, I’ve never met Joni Eareckson Tada. And yet I have. She has no idea who I am, yet sometimes I feel like she’s my very close friend. I’ve never had the privilege to shake her paralyzed hand or hear her voice speaking to me, yet it’s as though I’ve sat beside her for  [ Read More ]

Riding the Rails

Posted by Susan On May 21, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

As morning was still breaking in the early hours yesterday, with the air very cool and birds chirping their incredible early-morning symphony, my still sleepy– but very excited– four year old granddaughter Sadie and I headed out the door and off for our adventure. Sadie had spent several days alone with Grampa and me, and  [ Read More ]

Becoming a “Real Princess”

Posted by Susan On May 9, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Riding in the middle of their minivan last weekend, I noticed my granddaughter Sadie– seated beside me– admiring the diamond in my wedding ring. “Sadie, where’s your wedding ring?” I teased. “(…Giggle, giggle…) Nama, that’s silly! I’m not married! I don’t have a wedding ring!” “Is Daddy going to let you get married and get  [ Read More ]