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The Greatest Lessons of Love

Posted by Susan On February 14, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Love. Gratefully, it came early in my life and stayed long, honing its definition and penetrating its reality deeper with every chapter that went by. My earliest memory is of my Dad’s arms around me as he gushed, “I love you so much I could eat you up!” A confusing concept of love, for sure.  [ Read More ]

The Power of ‘Good’

Posted by Susan On February 11, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

One cold evening last week, Dan put a fire in the fireplace while I set out plates and a dinner buffet on the kitchen counter, and all evening long, we laughed, talked, ate, and reminisced with longtime friends who were in town for a getaway with their family. Rob and Lori were our neighbors years  [ Read More ]