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The Problem of Obsessively Organizing

Posted by Susan On September 15, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Nothing could have thrilled my six-year-old grandson more than the opportunity to ride in the cab of a real combine harvester during wheat harvest last weekend. His Dad was good enough to spend the day driving over an hour away to a friend’s farm so Jakob and his little brother Ethan could have this long-awaited  [ Read More ]

Appetizers for Heaven’s Banquet

Posted by Susan On September 6, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

It’s Labor Day as I write this. Labor Day, it seems, always arrives with a tinge of sadness that symbolically marks the inevitable end of several significant things– like my beloved summer…and early morning coffee with Bible-reading outside on my porch…and, of course, for me this year it marks the end of yet another decade,  [ Read More ]