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Who Gives This Woman to This Man?…

Posted by Susan On August 16, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The hauntingly beautiful bagpipe strains of “Highland Cathedral” filled the spring air as I gazed, along with our guests, through the trees that lined the vineyard on that gorgeous May afternoon in 2003, eager to capture my first glimpse of the bride– our daughter, Sarah. And suddenly, there she was– stunningly beautiful and graceful on  [ Read More ]

A Prayer for Our Nation– from Kipling

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The first time I heard Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF” was way back in the day when poetry was still part of the English Literature curriculum in the schools. Though young, I was impacted so strongly by it that I voluntarily memorized it, somehow sensing it would be significant. Years later, I made it part of  [ Read More ]

God, in the Storms

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The sunny, hot days of August have arrived with all the beauty of such seeming peace and summer loveliness. Yet as they do, I find myself still picking up the jagged pieces of a very tough July, not really sure of what this next month will bring. Life– just like July was–is unpredictable, with very  [ Read More ]