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Aftermath of the Tuscaloosa Tornado

Posted by Susan On May 31, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

*( Note from Susan: This morning my husband and I were relieved to find this email from our friend, Buddy Hanson who lives with his wife in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Dan had tried unsuccessfully to contact him multiple times after the devastating tornado that hit there, though we eventually heard through a mutual friend that he  [ Read More ]

This week, in the process of training a new young lady as a receptionist at the office,  I learned that she’d been to Ukraine on a missions trip. So, of course, I told her that my parents were both born there, which sparked an inevitable “story” about my Ukrainian Dad, who has now been living  [ Read More ]

A Letter to My Children

Posted by Susan On May 10, 2011 1 COMMENT

Looking through an old notebook I’d used for wedding planning when some of our kids were married, I was stunned when I came across a yellow sheet of paper I had forgotten about. It was a letter I had hand-written to my three children long ago, when they were very young:   May 9, 1983  [ Read More ]