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Welcome, Baby Finn!

Posted by Susan On April 27, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Without a doubt, life is definitely a continuous ebb and flow of perpetual highs and lows. Yet ultimately, among all of the impacting experiences that life brings to us, there are only two that trump them all– only two experiences that make time itself feel like it stands still, when we’re brought so close to  [ Read More ]

Called to Battle? Or to a Video Game?

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Video games were just in their infancy back when Dan and I were busy raising our young children. Birthday celebrations took place at the local pizza parlor where we watched the kids take turns gripping the wheel as they stared at the screen in intense concentration, fixated on the latest and greatest in kids’ entertainment.  [ Read More ]

Ellen Craswell– True Godly Womanhood

Posted by Susan On April 5, 2011 5 COMMENTS

There are many women I know, that I respect. There are certainly many women I know who have such specific and unusual strengths and talents that they cause me to quickly sit up and take notice. There are even some women with such strong faith and amazing character that they are stellar role models for  [ Read More ]


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Walking into the church before my son Justin’s wedding to his beautiful bride Annie, I really hoped I had succeeded to make him feel proud to have me as his mother. An eye for fashion is definitely not a strength I possess, and finding an outfit for this special day was the most challenging aspect  [ Read More ]