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“Why Did God Let That Happen?”

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After our annual Thanksgiving feast last Thursday, I snuggled our four oldest grandchildren (all under six years of age) as we watched one of my favorite movies, Charlie Brown’s “Mayflower Voyage.” All four of the grandkids sat quietly enthralled by the story, though they’ve all seen it numerous times before. Together we watched as the  [ Read More ]

Trial of the Pilgrims’ Faith

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The cold, rough sea carelessly tossed the little shallop as it slowly wound its way up the British coast to a remote location between Grimsby and Hull on that day so long ago. A rough sea is no respecter of persons, and as the boatload of Separatist women and their children waited at the designated  [ Read More ]

The Wonderful Need to Celebrate!

Posted by Susan On November 18, 2010 1 COMMENT

November for our family is the beginning of a huge, happy wave of celebration– birthdays, an anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then more birthdays… And I love every minute of it! Sometimes I cannot believe the joy of being part of a family within the covenant of God’s greater family. This is who we are. God is  [ Read More ]

This past week, I had the great privilege of giving a presentation to a wonderful group of mothers who are serious about their calling, and deeply committed to raising their families to the glory of God. Their enthusiasm was refreshing, and their eagerness to hone their skill was incredibly encouraging. It was obvious that these  [ Read More ]

Good Government Begins in the Heart

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Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, school for me meant a daily mile-long trek through “the village” [of Ansnorveldt] with my siblings to a one-room schoolhouse, where my brother, sisters, and about 25 students–more or less– from first to eighth grade shared a single classroom– along with spelling bees, Christmas concerts, multiplication tables,  [ Read More ]

There is Only One God Governing

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There are probably no issues as fundamental for Christians to understand– and for parents to teach their children– than, “Who is God? Who is man? And who is in control?” These three form the heart and soul of every individual’s worldview. And every individual’s worldview will determine every decision, every direction that the individual, and  [ Read More ]

Understanding Government– As Easy as 1-2-3!

Posted by Susan On November 3, 2010 2 COMMENTS

Okay, what’s the first thing you thought of when you read the word “Government?” Washington, D.C.? The presidency? Legislature? The sweeping results of last night’s election process that undeniably expressed the frustration of the over-taxed, unemployed, debt-burdened masses? As I write this article on the morning following the elections, government is undoubtedly on the minds  [ Read More ]

Politics, for the Sake of our Children

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“Nama, you have to say, ‘Please may I have a spot of tea–’” my two and a half year old granddaughter Sadie instructed me this afternoon as we sat at her little play table. When I complied, she cheerfully responded, “Certainly! I have a fresh pot!” We chatted as we sipped our pretend tea and  [ Read More ]